Presenting: The Avon Community Campus Garden Sponsored by Lowes Toolbox for Education Grant

The Avon Community Campus Garden supports environmental education, community building, and service learning through gardening at Avon School. When young students gain hands-on knowledge of how life works in a garden, they learn about renewable energy and ecological health, among other issues.

The garden serves the students of Avon School as well as community residents. Working in partnership with students, teachers and administrators, The Avon-by-the-Sea Education Foundation and Avon Environmental Commission will plan, build, help to maintain, grow and sustain the garden plots, within the oversight of the School Administration.

Thank you to:

Avon-by-the-Sea Environmental Commission
Gardens of Avon-by-the-Sea
Parents, Students and Friends of Avon Elementary School
For helping us plant and maintain the Community Garden.

Planting a community garden at the school gives tangible meaning to the interconnected nature of small town living. The entire community gains understanding of its environmental issues. The garden promotes a discussion about reducing our ecological footprint and renewing energy resources. Additionally, it adds to the beautification of our neighborhood.

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Your support will help bridge the gap between the educational needs of our community and currently available resources.