Avon-by-the Sea Education Foundation
Student Advisory Council

What is the Student Advisory Council?

The advisory council is a group of students from elementary/middle, high school, and college who assist the Foundation as a voice in their school communities, and provide information and feedback to help guide the Foundation in planning and programs.

While there is not a set number of students on the council, the Foundation invites students from Middle School, High School, College and Young Adult Life to participate

Students will act as a resource for the Foundation, convey message to their schools, or act as a sounding board for representing the student voice at their level of learning.

Students may serve on the advisory council for one year. Most of the communication will happen remotely. Students may or may not attend meetings, and their tasks and level of involvement may vary.

What is the purpose of Student Advisory Council?

Students want to have a say in decisions made about their communities. Students are invited to participate in our processes, in which proposals for various items and programs are considered for funding and development.

How are students selected for the program?

The Foundation sends a notice to local schools we serve. Students who wish to participate write to us at info@avonfoundation.org. In the message, students will introduce themselves and describe why they would like to participate.

How can interested people receive more information about the Student Advisory Council?

Email info@avonbytheseafoundation.org or call 732-925-4974